Urgent. Please sign and share.

Urgent. Please sign and share to save Whalers Way.

Southern right whales, seals, rare birds & Aboriginal sacred sites are in danger at Whalers Way, SA.


Submissions close Feb 2nd.

With enough public opposition, we have a real chance to stop this – the federal government is assessing this madness via public consultation.

Threats to endangered marine and land animals inhabiting Whalers Way Sanctuary and its surrounding waters, as well as to First Nation interests in the area, loom in the form of a proposed large-scale, polluting and hazardous, rocket-launching facility.

Including, but not limited to noise; chemical and light pollution; animal strike from falling rocket parts; unconscionable dumping of spent rocket stages into the ocean; excessive fire risk to native bushland; sacred sand-dune decimation and planned vegetation / habitat clearance (the endangered Southern emu-wren will almost certainly go extinct!) these unmitigable threats are tantamount to criminal.

Use the accompanying link to learn more and add your name to a pre-filled submission opposing this nonsensical, recklessly inappropriate proposal.

Please sign now before close on February 2nd.

It’s not rocket science. Richly biodiverse, sensitive, wildlife habitat is no place for a rocket-launching facility!

Note: The waters surrounding Whalers Way – an iconic wildlife sanctuary on the southernmost tip of the Eyre Peninsula – constitute a critical east-west migration corridor vital to Southern Right Whale (SRW) breeding-ground connectivity. Adjacent Sleaford Bay, a resting and nursing area for the SRW has recently been given BIA (biologically important area) status under the EPBC act. Both the migratory corridor and Sleaford Bay fall within the proposal’s PMIZ (potential marine impact zone).


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