Whales are washing up dead at an alarming rate

(Post by EW Member Karen Lettice.)

Where seismic surveying is occurring in the US., whales are washing up dead at an alarming rate – 3 in just 4 days earlier this month!

In the years to come, Encounter Whales does not want to be posting the kind of tragic pictures our sister groups are posting right now in America. These groups know seismic blasting is killing their whales!

WATCH THIS SPACE for a timely and sensational release of information evidencing the devastating harm that offshore-wind surveying does to whales. In the meantime read this important article published in the Herald Sun yesterday….

In the coming days we are going to need your support. Please speak up for our whales by saying “NO” to seismic blasting for offshore wind and sharing our posts for others to do the same.

Visit https://consult.dcceew.gov.au/oei-southern-ocean/new-survey to have your say today.

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