In support of ‘Right Whale Day’

At a time when the prospect of saving the remaining small population of NARWs seems grim indeed, let us be reminded why, world-over, we must petition our governments to strengthen and enforce laws to protect our remaining wildlife as essential to ‘the circle of life’.

It is not enough to create lists and write reports on what should be done. The North Atlantic Right Whale has all but lost its grip on survival while governments, more interested in politics and economics, have failed to action essential mitigation.

Right now, Australian federal and state labour politicians, “supposedly” committed to environmental protection, are falling into this same trap; failing to put money where their mouth is.

As the following article concludes “The inevitable endpoint of the loss of biodiversity, whether it be whales, birds, fish, plants, or much smaller organisms, is that the human species will be left in a destitute environment, incapable of supporting ourselves.”

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