It is CRUNCH TIME” as this NCSSA reports.

It is CRUNCH TIME” as this NCSSA reports. If you are concerned about this environmentally devastating project being given the go-ahead, then NOW is the time to raise your voice! PLEASE HELP! This is our last chance in a long fight.

Minister Nick Champion MP has the power to wave this all away. Please let him know that we, the public – unmoved by the ‘supposed’ economic benefit of this project – are not in favour of Mr Champion signing his approval. To do so would set A PRECEDENT where NO CONSERVATION AREA WILL BE SAFE GOING FORWARD. Indeed a tragic outcome.  

The Labour Government has promised it will change the trajectory of the long- entrenched environmental destruction that has been the legacy of prior governments. Now is the moment for the government to prove it’s reassurances are more than empty rhetoric.

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